Monday, June 29, 2009

My Thinking & Thoughts

Education being the most primitive class for any human being on this earth, it must be a natural source for any one to gain any kind of knowledge to the best of his interest and requirement. But the situation in India is different and its because of variety of reasons, I don’t think so its just one class of entity who is doing the un-justice and the remaining part of the pie is just being surrendered under the obligation that education is high profile incentive which needs good backing from family and parents.

Q1. Who in the country is getting availed of free primary education?
A:- India is secular country which means I believe in what I do and others may have the independence of following my way or choosing there own track, so here in this country we face relatively lot of problems due to its secularism and democracy, well these are major factors for being such a beautiful nation. Although what comes to my mind is I can even today find 7/10 children doing child labors, which can also be part of helping your parents after schools. But what I have personally identified is they are not attending school and just getting in tough times with parents in solving there financial problems so what needs to be educated is not just the kids but also there parents as they must know if the child today earns just 50/-rs helping parents then the other side of the coin is he can be of more help in future if he struggles to complete his education and can show futuristic results by just going great at knowledge and schooling. Well this is completely left to NGO’s as how they can help doing this, my job is to post request and call people for help I can assure anyone who is interested to sought this problem, will get better guidance and support from me and my friends.

The causes why our great leaders have struggled from freedom is not because after 60+ years of independence we still need to have election campaigns to choose our leaders, why can’t we take the best way to sought and find the best solutions for the appropriate problem.

As per as I believe nearly 25% of the readers who are getting couch potatoes in reading this article are from the IT mega hub, this means for society the richest and the quick earners. But why can’t they just make sure that we have great solutions for clients and we spend days & nights thinking for the best appropriate solution for a client and why not lets think for just 30mins a day for our country and bring up good ideas which can be helpful to fight nearly any kind of social and political problem. Let it be corruption, poverty or adulteration.

(People) who all are reading this article if you think you have the achieving edge to change the world you can do it yourself just try to behave as if the country needs you, because if a soldier feels that he is just helping his subordinate in the war then no wars could be won, for each winning war every soldier must believe in his own capabilities and make sure that one action can bring a dropping reaction to his whole team, his own country and his own people.

My thoughts:-
Lets just come together and find ways to make sure every child is educated, every parent does not need to force his child to work rather induce them in studies.
Friends lets take this up, proceed to this with your comments, and please look forward to certain more intuitive areas where I think needs attention.

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